Xenotourism Agencies is a star system improvement that is unlocked through the research of Xenology.

Effects Edit

Production Cost: 8016px-industry

  • +816px-dust per Arid colony in the system
  • +816px-dust per Tundra colony in the system
  • +816px-dust per Ocean colony in the system
  • +816px-dust per Terran colony in the system
  • +816px-dust per Jungle colony in the system
  • -216px-dust on Improvement

Note: the effect only works for full Colonies, not Outposts. So you'll have to wait for your Outpost to become a Colony before you get your precious dust.

Effects (without Disharmony) Edit

Production Cost: 7516px-industry

  • +116px-dust per 16px-blue-pop on Arid
  • +116px-dust per 16px-blue-pop on Tundra
  • +116px-dust per 16px-blue-pop on Ocean
  • +116px-dust per 16px-blue-pop on Terran
  • +116px-dust per 16px-blue-pop on Jungle
  • -216px-dust on Improvement

In game descriptionEdit

In order to properly tap into the exploding market of alien tourists, a special infrastructure must be put into place. Travel between planets is a simple problem; travel between cultures is something else indeed. In order to effectively provide an interesting destination for aliens, enormous work is required in public infrastructures, hotels, restaurants, spaceports, and--most particularly--toilets.