Xenobotany is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree. With a research cost of 40 Science, it unlocks one Colonization option and allows further research in Efficient Shielding and Compact Fusion Reactors.

"Discovery of alien life forms and analysis of plants that survive in extreme environments come together in a new field that has practical applications for colonization."

Colonize TundraEdit


Cost: 75 Industry 1 Population

  • -100% on Population growth on Star System

"Improvement of the system by which sap moves through weather-resistant plants results in the creation of crop species that can survive harsh weather via freezing and thawing. This opens up many opportunities for colonizing previously uninhabitable areas."

Improved Tundra Colony (Sowers)Edit

  • Remove the colonization penalty on that planet type

Sowers can always colonize any planet type, but suffer a FIDS penalty until they research the appropriate technology.