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Vaulters in combat

The Vaulters are a playable faction in Endless Space: Disharmony and Endless Legend. Technological savants, the Vaulters are a human civilization who emerged from Auriga's underground warrens and have dedicated themselves to repairing the great machinery of the Endless.[1]

Background Edit

An ancient faction, the Vaulters have suffered a number of major setbacks in trying to establish a permanent home for themselves. Though characterized as restless wanderers, they are in fact a proud and adaptable race, seeking a system that they can finally call 'home.' Their centuries of travel and tinkering have made them skilled at both science and warfare, though their greatest military strength is in defense.

The Vaulters have an old tradition of appointing female leaders, and their trust in this tradition has been confirmed by the faction's uncanny ability to escape, survive, and live to fight another day. Once based on the planet Auriga, they left the planet when their predictions indicated potentially cataclysmic geo-atmospheric problems. Their attempts to colonize elsewhere have only had brief success, and the notion of a permanent base has gained an almost mythical status.

In recent times, one Vaulter clan, the Zolyas, rediscovered the location of Auriga and sought to make it their new homeworld after being evicted from a tundra planet by pirates.

Traits Edit

Vaulter Affinity

Once constructed, the Portal consumes all remaining Movement Points, it requires at least one Movement Point.

The faction can instantly teleport a Fleet from one system to another system that is under their influence, if both systems have built these quantum apertures.

Vaulter Faction-Specific Technologies

Fearless Warriors +25% Defense per 1006populationUnitSmall on System. Trait-2plus-trans

+100% Ownership gain per System on Empire.

-80% Ownership loss per System captured by opponent on Empire.

Isolation Shields Unlocks the technology of the same name. 1
Crowded Planets

+1 1006populationUnitSmall on Small.

+1 1006populationUnitSmall on Tiny.

+1 1006populationUnitSmall on Medium.

Legendary Heroes

+20 Hero XP on hiring on empire (Hired at lvl 1).

-4 Upkeep on Heroes.

Kitchen Chemists +1 1003scienceSmall per 1006populationUnitSmall on Planets. 1
Scientists +10% 1003scienceSmall on System. 1
Black Thumbs -10% 1001foodSmall on System. Trait-minus-trans

Notes Edit

Miscellaneous Edit

  • The Vaulters are available as a playable faction in Endless Space: Disharmony and Endless Legend exclusively for purchasers of the Founder or Crystal Edition of Dungeon of the Endless. The Vaulters' history ties into the events of all three games.
  • As of patch 1.1.54 (january 20th 2015) the Vaulters have become available for everyone owning the Endless Space: Disharmony Expansion.

References Edit

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