Unstable Isotope Manipulation is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 30 Science. It unlocks one Beam Weapon Module and one Flak Defense Module and allows further research in Specialized Isotopes.

"High nuclear mass materials that have been artificially created are not necessarily stable. The technology to contain and exploit them has practical applications."

Ion TorpedoesEdit


Unlocks a Weapon Module

Effects depending on the chosen specialization:

  • Tonnage: 7-11
  • Military power: 15
  • Damage: 5-150
  • Critic Multiplier: x2
  • Projectiles per Salvo: 1-8
  • Round(s) before Reach: 0-3
  • Round(s) to Reload: 0-3
  • Accuracy: 50-100%

Cost : 3.6 Industry Weight: 11 Tonnage

Requires : Titanium-70 Titanium-70

"Stripped of electrons and packed into a dense mass, ions of high-periodicity elements can create explosive warheads that detonate with a very pleasing 'bang!' "

Offensive ChaffEdit


25MP Module Defense increases Point Defense Power by 1

  • 100 Defense
  • -1% Evade Bonus on Ship
  • -2% Hull Weakness on Ship
  • 10 Military power

Cost : 8 Industry Weight: 11 Tonnage

"By using materials with heavy nuclei, chaff can be created that not only confuses targeting systems but also forms a lethal screen."


  • Cravers possess this technology at the beginning.