Transport are early-game Ships which unlock automatically on game start. Transport ships receive a 40% discount on Seed Modules, making them superb colonizers.

It's often wise to send Scouts ahead of Transport ships with a Seed Module to check for Pirates beforehand. Losing your initial colony ship is a dangerous early game setback.


Transport ships receive a Seed Module discount, which makes the module cost only 48 Tonnage 1009weightSmall, thus making them a vessel for rapid expansion. Nevertheless, these ships aren't forceful since their 1009weightSmall and HP 1020healthPoints isn't abundant. Transport ships are able to carry a handful of weapons, but they are by no means a Ship used for combat. A good strategy would be to install some Defensive Modules along with the Seed Modules for some survivability.



Industry 1002industrySmall (Disharmony)

HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 25 (40) 450 80 Virus
Automatons 25 (40) 450 80 Workshop
Cravers 20 (32) 450 80 Vector
Harmony (40) 450 80 Volcanic
Hissho 25 (40) 450 80 Kestrel
Horatio 30 (42) 450 80 Marchio
Pilgrims 25 (40) 450 64 Proselor
Sheredyn 25 (40) 630 80 Transport
Sophons 25 (40) 450 80 Hecto
Sowers 25 (40) 450 80 Factory
United Empire 25 (40) 630 80 Transport
Vaulters (40) 450 80 Nadjne

Hull-specifications in DisharmonyEdit


1009weightSmall  Support module (civilian)

Other 1009weightSmall modifiers Construction effect
Amoeba -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Automatons -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Cravers -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Harmony -50% 1009weightSmall N/A -100% on population growth on star system
Hissho -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Horatio -60% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Pilgrims -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Sheredyn -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Sophons -25% 1009weightSmall +50% weapon module 1009weightSmall on ship N/A
Sowers -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
United Empire -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A
Vaulters -40% 1009weightSmall N/A N/A

A warning to players switching to Disharmony: Due to Disharmony mechanics, a commonly used strategy of putting engines on to Colony ships no longer works. While most factions, provided they did not have 'wasted space', were able to put an engine into colony ships to ensure that their empire expanded faster. However, due to increaced seed module tonnage, only factions with the 'optimal structure' trait, Harmony affinity, or Horatio affinity may do this before upgrading total tonnage capacity.

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