Overview[edit | edit source]

As opposed to FIDS, Strategic Resources are not consumed. Strategic Resources are found on Planets in quantities of 1-3. You can access the Strategic Resources by having the corresponding Technology and colonizing the planet. Strategic Resources also boost the FIDS output of the planet depending on the resource. Unless the System is blockaded, the Strategic Resource (but not its planet effects) is shared with the rest of the Empire.

Some ship classes and modules, and some Improvements, require a particular Strategic Resource to be built.

Availability[edit | edit source]

There is only a limited number of each strategic resource in a galaxy, depending on the size of the galaxy and the galaxy resource setting:

Galaxy Size Number of each Resource
Low Normal High
Tiny 3 6 9
Small 6 12 18
Medium 9 18 27
Large 12 24 36
Huge 15 30 45

Empire effects[edit | edit source]

Strategic resources decrease the 1002industrySmall.png cost of ship modules that require them by 10% per number owned, up to 4. If you have 4 of a strategic resource, you have a resource abundance, which reduces ship module costs by an additional 20%.

Quantity 1002industrySmall.png Cost Modifier
1 -10%
2 -20%
3 -30%
4+ -60%

These bonuses stack multiplicatively with other modifiers to module cost.

List of resources[edit | edit source]

Strategic resource Technology to unlock Planet Bonus
1002industrySmall.png 1003scienceSmall.png
7807StrategicResourceAdamantium.png Adamantian Quantum Substrates +2 +1
7803StrategicResourceAnti-Matter.png Anti-Matter High-Energy Magnetics +2
7804StrategicResourceHexaferrum.png Hexaferrum Extreme Metallurgy +2
7801StrategicResourceHyperium.png Hyperium Core Mining +1
7805StrategicResourceOrichalcedon.png Orichalcix Atomic Substrates +1 +1
7808StrategicResourceQuadrinite.png Quadrinix Black Hole Mining +2 +2
7806StrategicResourceSiderite.png Siderite Inorganic Biology +1 +2
7802StrategicResourceTitanium.png Titanium-70 N-Way Fusion Plants +1

Basic Resources (FIDS) Food Food - Industry Industry - Dust Dust - Science Science
Strategic Resources Hyperium 7801StrategicResourceHyperium.png - Titanium-70 7802StrategicResourceTitanium.png - Anti-Matter 7803StrategicResourceAnti-Matter.png - Hexaferrum 7804StrategicResourceHexaferrum.png - Orichalcix 7805StrategicResourceOrichalcedon.png - Siderite 7806StrategicResourceSiderite.png - Adamantian 7807StrategicResourceAdamantium.png - Quadrinix 7808StrategicResourceQuadrinite.png
Luxury Resources

Vegetables: Redsang 7901LuxuryResourceRedSang.png - Bluecap Mold 7902LuxuryResourceBluecapMold.png - Dustwater 7903LuxuryResourceDustwater.png - Hydromiel 7904LuxuryResourceFruitsofFire.png
Gems: Mercurite 7905LuxuryResourceMercurite.png - Void Stone 7906LuxuryResourceVoidStone.png - Jadonyx 7907LuxuryResourceJadonyx.png - Ionic Crystals 7908LuxuryResourceIonicCrystals.png
Drugs: Eden Incense 7909LuxuryResourceEdenIncense.png - Meta-Entactogen 7910LuxuryResourceMetaEntactogen.png - Transvine 7911LuxuryResourceTransvine.png - Proto-Orchid 7912LuxuryResourceProtoOrchid.png
Artifacts: Concrete Artifacts 7913LuxuryResourceConcreteArtifacts.png - Virtual Artifacts 7914LuxuryResourceVirtualArtifacts.png - Pre-schism Artifacts 7915LuxuryResourcePreSchismArtifacts.png - Mundane Artifacts 7916LuxuryResourceNonPrecursorArtifacts.png

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