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Sophon Triumvirate

The Sophon Triumvirate

The Sophons are one of the playable factions in Endless Space. Curious and eager to learn, they place the highest emphasis on science and technological progress.



The Sophons evolved on Hekim, a rocky world orbiting a blue star. They evolved quickly because their sun produced a large amount of radiation, increasing the rate of mutation.[1]

Despite their frail form and almost dangerous level of curiosity, the Sophons somehow survived the process of natural selection and developed a civilization. Before long, the Sophons were traveling across the cosmic strings of the galaxy.


Sophon life

Interior of a Sophon ship

Sophon society is devoted to learning, philosophy, exploring, and study. They view the universe not only with awe, but also as an intellectual challenge for them to accept. Optimistic, they hold full faith in scientific progress and technological advancement.

To the Sophons, war is a wasteful undertaking, imposed on them by more warlike aliens. They prefer mutual cooperation with and, if possible, the studying of other species. [2]

The Sophons played a critical role in the development of the Pilgrims. After hijacking an early interstellar colonization mission, the Pilgrims, then called the "Resistance," fled the Terran Solar System, beyond the reach of the United Empire's military might. After some time, fate brought them to a Kuiper Belt-like area of another star. It was rich in artifacts from the Endless and where the Pilgrims encountered a Sophon surveillance mission studying the artifacts. The two races became allies, and the Pilgrims received vital technological and material aid from the more experienced Sophons. The similarity between their ships is no coincidence. [3]


Sophon Affinity

0-50% Tax Rate gives a +50-0% 1003scienceSmallbonus. - 50% Support Modules Cost on Empire.

Sophon Faction-Specific Technologies

Isolation Shields Unlocks the Technology of the same name. Trait-plus-trans
PEV-Scale Accelerators Unlocks the Technology of the same name. Trait-plus-trans
Neural Robotics Unlocks the Technology of the same name. Trait-plus-trans
Scientists + 30% 1003scienceSmall on System. Trait-3plus-trans
Fast Traveler + 2 1012speed on Ships. Trait-2plus-trans
Meticulous Information Analysis + 1 1017DetectionRadius on Ships. Trait-plus-trans
Feeble Warriors

- 25% Defense on System.

-8 Defense per 1006populationUnitSmall on System.

Unskilled Builders + 10% Industry Cost of Improvements on Empire. Trait-minus-trans

Steam AchievementsEdit

EndlessSpace Achievement MeetingoftheMinds
Meeting of the Minds
As Sophons, receive 30 technologies from others and give at least 30 technologies to others in a single game
EndlessSpace Achievement ScienceItWorks
Science. It Works.
Win with the Sophons

Notes Edit

  • While their military is not the strongest overall, the Sophon ships enjoy increased movement, giving them a better chance to intercept enemy fleets that threaten their planets with their weaker than average ground defense.


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