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Ships are the mobile elements of Endless Space which are the building blocks of fleets, which can engage in combat. A ship is one of six classes, and can be equipped with weapons, defense modules, support modules, and special modules according to their tonnage weights.


A ship's stats determine its properties. Stats that directly affect its combat performance are: healthHit points, move Move, military powerMilitary power, and siege power.  When a ship's Hit points is reduced to zero in combat, it explodes.

Logistical properties include command points Command Points, which affect the amount of ships in a fleet, and tonnage Tonnage, which affects the amount of modules that can be loaded onto it.


Ship Classes[]

Each Faction in Endless Space has 6 Ship Classes, mainly increasing in Tonnage capacity, Command Pointscost, and Industry cost. Each Class has a reduction in the tonnage of certain modules, making them slightly more or less suited to different roles.

Transports and Corvettes are unlocked at the beginning of the game, whereas the other Ship Classes are unlocked through the Exploration & Expansion (bottom) Branch of the Technology Tree.

The Ship Classes in size order are as follows:

Each faction has their own unique cosmetics for each ship class.

Ship Production
Class Tonnage Hit points Industry Command Points Bonuses Resources Unlock Tech
Transport 80 450 25 1

-40% Support Module Tonnage


Corvette 100 450 25 1

-25% Support Module Tonnage

(Engine, Repair, Scout)

+1 speed

Destroyer 100 450 25 1 -20% Weapon Module Tonnage N/A Efficient Shielding
Cruiser 200 1200 100 2

-25% Support Module Tonnage

(Armor, Invasion, Power)

Titanium-70Titanium-70 Baryonic Shielding
Battleship 200 1200 100 2 -20% Defense Module Tonnage +1 speed N/A Applied Atmospherics
Dreadnought 400 3000 400 4 N/A N/A

Non-Baryonic Shielding

Ship modules[]

All ships can equip certain parts or modules to give them capabilities. There are three main types - weapons, defense modules, and support modules. Weapons damage other ships. Defences mitigate damage taken in by interfering with weapon projectiles. Support modules have a variety of functions, like increased weapon damage, repairing, armour increases, or engine bonuses. All ships have a Tonnage capacity which limits what they can fit.

Ship Specifications in Disharmony by Faction[]

In Disharmony there are many changes to ship design. Many support modules now weight in percentage of the ship tonnage. This makes some modules non-attractive, e.g. Engine or Power both take 20% of space. On basic Dreadnought that means 80 space, or about 10 weapons less for each module.

Every faction also gets unique Ship bonuses (and Maluses). Most Ships give a bonus to the Tonnage Tonnage cost of one particular type of Module (like shields) or a group of Modules (like Support modules). Dreadnoughts often have special bonuses such as Construction effects. A more detailed table can be viewed on the respective Ship-pages of this wiki.

The Harmony Ships all have a construction effect of -50% population growth thus the Systems population grows half as fast when currently constructing a ship, unless it has a seed module, in which case growth stops(seed modules have a -100% popgrowth construction effect).

Bonus Overview:[]

Corvete, Destroyer and Battleship have +1 speed bonus. Besides this, each faction has its own orientation of bonuses:

  • Amoeba ships get a bonus to different defence modules.
  • Automaton ships get a bonus to combat-based support modules.
  • Craver ships get a bonus to "secondary combat" modules, like strikecraft and invasion.
  • Harmony ship get very high bonuses to various modules.
  • Hissho ships get a rather varied set of bonuses with a slight focus on strikecraft.
  • Horatio's ships bonuses all pertain to Population, in one way or another.
  • Pilgrim ships get bonuses to sensors and engines.
  • Sheredyn ships often get a bonus to bombardment and are generally combat oriented.
  • Sophon ships get a 25% bonus similar to that in Vanilla, however they often get a 50% malus to other modules.
  • Sower ships get bonuses that pertain to Hit points and repair.
  • Imperial ships are often cheaper than their alien counterparts.

Table of Bonuses[]

  • All bonuses below are, short of modding, always tied to the respective race's affinity, and not Ship appearance in the Faction Designer.
  • If not further elaborated the bonus refers to a reduction of weight or tonnage Tonnage of that type of module.
  • These replace the standard Classic ES bonuses.


Ship types








-40% seed -30% shield -30% flak  -30% deflector -30% point defence -30% defense
Automatons -40% seed -25% engine -25% repair -25% power -25% armour  +10% auto-repair per turn when HP under 33%
Cravers -40% seed -50% invasion -25% fighter -30% troop -30% bomber construction: +15 Approvalon system
Harmony -65% seed -75% engine

-75% fighter + bomber

-50%  defense -50% power -25% weapon
Hissho -40% seed -20% fighter -20% bomber -20% repair -30% bomb vs buildings  -30% fighter + bomber
Horatio -60% seed -30% bomb vs pop -50% troop -60% seed -30% troop

construction: +20 pop growth on system

Pilgrims -40% seed -30% engine -50% scout -50% engine -50% scout -80% scout + Engine
Sheredyn -40% seed -20% weapon

-20% fighter + bomber

-30% bomb vs pop -30% bomb vs buildings -50% power

-25% seed +50% weapon

-25% scout +50% Seed

-25% weapon +50% Seed

-25% support +50% defense -25% defence +50% weapon

-25% special construction: -20% Science on system

Sowers -40% seed -30% armour -30% repair -30% armour -30% repair Tonnage used added to HP on ship
United Empire -40% seed -25% support

-5% ship cost on star system

-25% weapon -15% ship cost on star system -30% ship cost on system
Vaulters -40% seed -25% support -5% ship cost on star system -25% weapon -15% ship cost on star system -30% ship cost on system

Ship Class Naming by Faction[]

Each Faction uses a different Naming System for the various Ship Classes, these Systems each follow a unique theme related to their Faction:

  • The Amoeba Ship Classes are based on various microscopic organisms (the link being obvious).
  • The Automaton Ship Classes recall the importance of the Automaton mission; they are first and foremost interested in ecologically developing the natural resources of a planet.
  • The Cravers Ship Classes reflect their attitude toward other beings that they meet -- their interest is in conquest and consumption.
  • The Hissho Ship Classes are based on various flying creatures (in keeping with the beaked designs of their Ships).
  • The Horatio Ship Classes are based on Latin courtly ranks, reflecting the Horatio obsession with formality and hierarchy.
  • The Pilgrims Ship Classes reflect their role as a questing society. They are seekers and explorers and, if necessary, holy warriors.
  • The Sheredyn Ship Classes are based on the Sheredyn 's traditional role as protectors of the imperial family.
  • The Sophons Ship Classes are based on the Metric (SI) prefixes used to denote numbers of increasing size (The larger the value of the prefix the bigger the Ship). This System is in keeping with the Sophon's scientific alignment.
  • The Sowers Ship Classes are named after the tools used by their progenitors. While modern Sowers use far more advanced technology, these devices have an almost holy aura of power and importance.
  • The United Empire Ship Classes express the ancient maritime traditions of their navy; they also give a hint to the expansionist character of the empire.
  • The Vaulters Ship Classes have corrupted versions of female names, alluding to their matriarchal society.









Virus Methion Adenon Lysos Bacter Proteus
Automatons Workshop Cutter Culler Sickle Thresher Harvester
Cravers Vector Raider Marauder Predator Reaper Annihilator
Harmony Volcanic Metamorphic Tectonic Simic Lithic Athenic
Hissho Kestrel Hawk Falcon Phoenix Condor Roc
Horatio Marchio Baro Coms Dux Archidux Imperator
Pilgrims Proselor Disciple Vindicator Reliant Valient Paladin
Sheredyn Transport Corvette Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Sophons Hecto Deka Kilo Giga Peta Yotta
Sowers Factory Surveyor Hammer Axe Anvil Piledriver
United Empire Transport Corvette Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Vaulters Nadjne Anjka Ylona Ljdya Erszebet Yldjko
Pirates - Brigantine - Sloop - -

Experience (XP)[]

A Ship can earn XP in combat and gain levels. Each level gained increases Damage, Defense, and 1020healthPoints.png.

The United Empire affinity increases the XP of built ships by 10.

The following Star System Improvements also increase the XP of any Ships built in the System:

  • Hardened Framing (+6 XP)
  • Monohull Construction (+10 XP)
  • Inert Hulls (+14 XP)

Level XP Damage & Defense on Ship 1020healthPoints.png on Ship
1 0 +0% +0%
2 4 +5% +5%
3 14 +10% +10%
4 32 +20% +20%
5 60 +30% +40%
6 100 +40% +80%
7 154 +50% +160%
8 224 +60% +240%
9 312 +75% +320%
10 412 +100% +500%

Except for the last level, this follows the cubic

XPneeded = level * [(level - 1) * 2 + (1/3) * (level - 1) * (level - 2)]

Base XP gain is as follows:

Source XP
Won Battle 2
Draw Battle 1
Lost Battle 0.5

Classes FighterBomberTransportCorvetteDestroyerCruiserBattleshipDreadnought
Modules Weapon ModuleDefense ModuleSupport Module