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Science Science is a resource used to unlock technologies.

Production (Classic ES)[]


Population in systems generate Science directly through Population. Helium, Tundra, and Arctic planets produce the highest base Science per population. Barren planets have the most effective Science Science exploitation, and Arctic planets also get a bonus from the exploitation. Improvements are available that increase the rate of production.

Blockaded systems produce no Science.

Trade Routes[]

A significant amount of science can be made by creating Trade Routes with systems in other peaceful empires. They produce a varying amount of Science and Dust depending on the total population, distance, and improvements present on the other system.

IND-Sci Conversion[]

If you need extra Science, you can have systems produce it instead of constructing items. This produces 0.25 Science per point of Industry.

Production (Disharmony)[]

As in Classic, Science  is produced only from planets and events. However, in Disharmony the base FIDS for planets changed, with Barren (at a base of 12 Science  per population) replacing Tundra on the top three Science producing planets. Barren still maintains an exceedingly good Science exploitation ability, making Barren planets second to only Helium in Science per population.

Blockaded systems produce a severely limited amount of Science.

Industry Converted to Science occurs at a rate of 1/3 in disharmony, instead of the 1/4 rate in Classic. Note: there is a bug that will use your full industry value for the conversion rather than the remainder after earlier purchases in the production queue. For example if you have 100 industry and used 99 of it creating improvements and ships, and then had an Ind-Sci conversion at the end, you would get 33 science, not .33.



Science rolls over into the next turn if unused.

Switching Technologies[]

Science fills each technology separately. If you switch technologies, the Science put in the first technology stays there.

Science is solely used for researching technologies.

Basic Resources (FIDS) Food Food - Industry Industry - Dust Dust - Science Science
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