Rudimentary Telepathics is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 1800 Science. It unlocks a Planetary Exploitation and a Ship Support Module (Scout), requires research in Non Baryonic Particles and permits research in Wave Function Control and Tectonic Engineering technologies.

"With scientific gains in both alien communications and wave and particle theories, breakthroughs are made in basic systems for reading and analyzing brainwaves."

Brainwave SensorsEdit

  • +5% Accuracy on Weapons
  • +6 Detection on Ship

Cost: 48 Industry Weight: 50% Tonnage

"Using advanced filtering algorithms and a lot of really good guessing. sensors can be improved to identify sentient brainwaves and approximate their location."

Global Tech ParkEdit

  • +3 Science per Population on Barren
  • +3 Science per Population on Planet
  • +2 Science per Population on Arctic
  • +2 Science per Population on Ocean
  • +1 Science per Population on Gas Helium

Cost: 52 Industry

"A majority of the planet has been converted into an enormous research institute. Relatively non-polluting, high margin, and education-intensive, it draws companies and agencies to develop the next generation of galaxy-changing technologies. In addition, telepathics can be either augmented or diminished to improve group brainstorming or individual concentration. The cost of the infrastructure is high, however, and other industrial development is necessarily minimized."