Resources in Endless Space are found on planets and used to build the empire. There are four basic resources:

They are collectively known as "FIDS" 1025fidsSmall.png.

Produced on Planets in Systems owned by the Empire with Population 1006populationUnitSmall.png, these resources are essential to your Empire's development. 1001foodSmall.png and 1002industrySmall.png are key to local development by providing 1006populationUnitSmall.png and Improvements, as well as Ships, while 1004moneySmall.png and 1003scienceSmall.png provide economic upkeep and technological advancement.

In addition, there are Luxury Resources and Strategic Resources, which provide boosts to the basic 1025fidsSmall.png system.

Basic Resources (FIDS)[edit | edit source]

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1025fidsSmall.png are the output of Star Systems. Each Planet in the System has a basic rate of 1025fidsSmall.png determined by its Type (possibly modified by Anomalies and/or Strategic or Luxury Resources) and this is multiplied by the Planet's 1006populationUnitSmall.png. Improvements, such as Planetary Exploitations, may further modify the rates or total output. The total output of a System is based on the planet outputs, any improvements, and other bonuses such as empire traits.

For example: A Temperate planet has 4 Population on it and an agriculture exploitation. The system has a food improvement.

The base rate of food production for Temperate is 3Food per Population.

The exploitation adds 2Food per Population and a system improvement adds 1Food per Population
This gives a total of 6Food per Population.

Therefore 24 Food will be produced.

Food is the most basic resource. It is used to produce create new population units and essential for growth, making it a priority for most empires.

Industry is used to produce things. Almost everything - from ships to system improvements (effectively 'buildings') - requires an input of industry. It is thus also quite important.

Science is used for researching technologies to boost your empire, and access new technologies and capabilities.

Dust is a type of money, paid as maintenance for ships and buildings, but also can be used to buy construction.

1004moneySmall.png is also provided by inter-system Trade Routes which are automatically created when you are at peace with another Empire.

Strategic Resources[edit | edit source]

Main article: Strategic Resources

Strategic Resources are marked by a purple icon in the System View, once researched.

Strategic Resources are vital to certain Technologies. For instance, Hyperium is necessary to construct Miniaturized Refrigeration, a key Improvement in improving System 1001foodSmall.png production.

Strategic Resource deposits can only be exploited once the necessary Applications Technology for the Resource has been researched. Once researched, deposits will be revealed on the Galaxy. Presence of a Strategic Resource is indicated by a purple icon above the System in the Galaxy view, and above the Planet within the System view. Once exploited, a Strategic Resource becomes available to your entire Empire. A blockaded System can only use Strategic Resources from within its own System. Conversely, the Empire will not be able to access a resource originating from a blockaded source. This is the reason that a player may receive Abundance notifications when they have already collected 4 of the required resource, as they lost the resource monopoly during the blockade and then regained it once the blockade was lowered.

If you have at least four deposits of a Strategic Resource, you are considered to have it in Abundance. Having a Strategic resource in Abundance typically grants your Empire a bonus when using that Resource in production. After Abundance is achieved, a fifth (Or even higher) deposit amount results in no extra bonuses, and the resources are best traded to other empires.

Deposit Mechanics of Strategic Resources[edit | edit source]

It is important to note that even though Strategic Resources are measured with numbers, these numbers do not reffer to a specific amount of that resource. Rather, the number reffers to how many deposits that the empire has. This means that having four deposits of Titanium-70 does not limit you to four ships/improvements that require the resource. Instead, even a single deposit can provide your empire with the ability to build any number of ships/improvements that require it. However, the more deposits you obtain, the cheaper these ships & improvements will be.

Strategic Resources and their Required Technologies[edit | edit source]

Strategic Resource Technology to Unlock
7807StrategicResourceAdamantium.png Adamantian A21 Quantum Substrates 64x64.png Quantum Substrates
7803StrategicResourceAnti-Matter.png Anti-Matter A07 High-Energy Magnetics 64x64.png High-Energy Magnets

7804StrategicResourceHexaferrum.png Hexaferrum

A09 Extreme Metallurgy 64x64.png Extreme Metallurgy
7801StrategicResourceHyperium.png Hyperium A02 N-Way Fusion Plants 64x64.png N-Way Fusion Plants
7805StrategicResourceOrichalcedon.png Orichalcix A15 Atomic Substrates 64x64.png Atomic Substrates
7808StrategicResourceQuadrinite.png Quadrinix A25 Quantum Processing 64x64.png Quantum Processing
7806StrategicResourceSiderite.png Siderite A17 Inorganic Biology 64x64.png Inorganic Biology

7802StrategicResourceTitanium.png Titanium-70

A05 Core Mining 64x64.png Core Mining

Luxury Resources[edit | edit source]

Unresearched Luxury Resources are displayed with transparent text, while researched are opaque.

Main article: Luxury Resources

In addition to 1025fidsSmall.png, there are numerous special Luxury Resources. They can provide benefits to a single Planet, a System, or even your entire Empire.

Once exploited, a Luxury Resource becomes available to your entire Empire. A blockaded System can only use Luxury Resource from within its own System, and the empire may not utilize resources from a blockaded system . During said blockade, however, the blockading empire cannot use the resource either, as s/he must own the system in order to benifit from the effects, and your empire must have an open route with which to transport the resource. Thus, the only benefactors of a resource during a blockade are the people in the blockaded system.

If an Empire poseses at least four sources of the same luxury resource, the Empire is rewarded with a 'Monopoly', which substantially increases the bonus of that particular resource.

Technologies to Unlock Luxury Resources[edit | edit source]

Luxury Resource Technology to Unlock

7902LuxuryResourceBluecapMold.png Bluecap Mold

7903LuxuryResourceDustwater.png Dustwater

7904LuxuryResourceFruitsofFire.png Hydromiel

7901LuxuryResourceRedSang.png Redsang

T02 Xenology 64x64.png Xenology

7909LuxuryResourceEdenIncense.png Eden Incense

7910LuxuryResourceMetaEntactogen.png Meta-Entactogen

7911LuxuryResourceTransvine.png Transvine

7912LuxuryResourceProtoOrchid.png Proto-Orchid

A08 Nonbaryonic Particle Manipulation 64x64.png NonBaryonic Particles

7913LuxuryResourceConcreteArtifacts.png Concrete Artifacts

7914LuxuryResourceVirtualArtifacts.png Virtual Artifacts

7915LuxuryResourcePreSchismArtifacts.png Pre-schism Artifacts

7916LuxuryResourceNonPrecursorArtifacts.png Mundane Artifacts

G27 Personal Shielding 64x64.png Personal Shielding

7905LuxuryResourceMercurite.png Mercurite

7906LuxuryResourceVoidStone.png Void Stone

7907LuxuryResourceJadonyx.png Jadonyx

7908LuxuryResourceIonicCrystals.png Ionic Crystals

E09 Containment Fields 64x64.png Containment Fields

Basic Resources (FIDS) Food Food - Industry Industry - Dust Dust - Science Science
Strategic Resources Hyperium 7801StrategicResourceHyperium.png - Titanium-70 7802StrategicResourceTitanium.png - Anti-Matter 7803StrategicResourceAnti-Matter.png - Hexaferrum 7804StrategicResourceHexaferrum.png - Orichalcix 7805StrategicResourceOrichalcedon.png - Siderite 7806StrategicResourceSiderite.png - Adamantian 7807StrategicResourceAdamantium.png - Quadrinix 7808StrategicResourceQuadrinite.png
Luxury Resources

Vegetables: Redsang 7901LuxuryResourceRedSang.png - Bluecap Mold 7902LuxuryResourceBluecapMold.png - Dustwater 7903LuxuryResourceDustwater.png - Hydromiel 7904LuxuryResourceFruitsofFire.png
Gems: Mercurite 7905LuxuryResourceMercurite.png - Void Stone 7906LuxuryResourceVoidStone.png - Jadonyx 7907LuxuryResourceJadonyx.png - Ionic Crystals 7908LuxuryResourceIonicCrystals.png
Drugs: Eden Incense 7909LuxuryResourceEdenIncense.png - Meta-Entactogen 7910LuxuryResourceMetaEntactogen.png - Transvine 7911LuxuryResourceTransvine.png - Proto-Orchid 7912LuxuryResourceProtoOrchid.png
Artifacts: Concrete Artifacts 7913LuxuryResourceConcreteArtifacts.png - Virtual Artifacts 7914LuxuryResourceVirtualArtifacts.png - Pre-schism Artifacts 7915LuxuryResourcePreSchismArtifacts.png - Mundane Artifacts 7916LuxuryResourceNonPrecursorArtifacts.png

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