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Quantum Communications is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 1800 Science. It unlocks one Empire Improvement and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Xenominerology, and allows further research in Alien Barter Theory (and, for the Cravers, Groupthink).

"While the magic of neutrino communications and quantum tunneling did not turn out quite as expected, the exploitation of other aspects of relativity have permitted the creation of lag-less communications across space and time. While the math cannot be explained by less than forty-two Earth years of study, it has been proved that polarity-inverted time-reversed anti-messages are highly effective, with the loss of the occasional punctuation mark."


  • The Cravers refer to this technology as Quantum Swarming, and it has the following description: "Extending the principle of hive-style communication to advanced technology, quantum swarm algorithms imitate the shared pheromones and group communications of an insect swarm, but use the quantum properties of newly discovered minerals to propagate this across galactic distances."
  • For the Harmony, this technology instead requires research in Improved Fleet Management and allows further research in Futuristic Game Theory.

C3 Systems[]

  • +1 Command Points per new Ship Class unlocked

"Beyond simple good management, advanced Command, Control, and Communications systems are necessary to be able to run increasingly complex fleet affairs."

Efficient Slaves (Cravers)[]

  • +1 Command Points per new Ship Class unlocked
  • +2 Command Points if all Ship Classes unlocked

"By imposing their hive-style communications on highly advanced quantum states, the leaders of an extended hive can control more directly the actions and attitudes of their citizens."

Collaborator Networks[]

  • + Ability to Spy all Fleets orbiting this System
  • +2 Detection on Star System
  • -1 Dust on improvement

Cost: 280 Industry

"A joint collaboration between comm scientists and dissident recruiters, assets and systems are set up to provide information on hostile fleets."