Perpetual Development is a unique technology for the Horatio found that replaces the Permanant Advantage technology in the Exploration and Expansion technology tree. It has research cost of 25000 16px-science and it unlocks both a trade and academy/hero Improvement.

"Part process, part attitude, and part infrastructure, Endless Development is a program that adds and develops skills from birth to death. Whether an individual, android, or machine, the idea of continuous learning and continuous evoloution of skills and activities adds a powerful and productive boost to a society."

Alien CommunicationsEdit

  • +2 Trade Routes cap on Star System
  • -10 16px-dust on Improvement

Production Cost: 2000 16px-industry

"Always a barrier to trade, communications between disparate species renders negotiations slow and risky. By creating translators that understand language, body language, social norms, psychology, history, popular culture, customs, and tradtion, trade aggreements become rapid and painless."

Alien IntegrationEdit

  • +2 Extra Clones allowed on Empire
  • +3 Academy Cap on Empire
  • -10 Turn(s) before new Hero arrival on Empire

"Beyond Simple management of larger teams in the challenge of managing larger teams of diverse species. The Horatio often excel at this for precisely the wrong reasons; they tend to integrate aliens into their culture, and move forward as a unified whole."