Particle Scanning is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 130 Science. It unlocks one Planetary Exploitation and one Star System Improvement, requires research in Soil Xenobiology, and allows further research in Improved Fleet Management and Botanical Scanning.

"Early advances in systems that capture signatures from particles--be they matter or anti-matter--permit simple 'scanners' that poll space-time for any activity--even neutrino, photon and graviton. This information is used to find, identify, and track all objects that will enter or exit a planetary system."


The Harmony do not receive the Atemporal Finance Planetary Exploitation, and this technology only allows further research in Improved Fleet Management.

Atemporal FinanceEdit

  • +2 Dust per Population on Arid
  • +2 Dust per Population on Planet
  • +1 Dust per Population on Desert

Cost: 52 Industry

"The discovery of transport via faster-than-light travel and wormholes has added complexity to simple calculations of Net Present Value and rates of return. The development of Atemporal Finance is a new branch of finance, governing cases where space is a variable as important as time."

Cis-Oort SatellitesEdit

  • +3 Influence Area on Star System
  • -1 Dust on improvement

Cost: 120 Industry

"By constructing this net of satellites at great distance from a star (on the order of 40k to 50k AU's), a system's frontier is effectively extended due to improved signal reception (detection) and increased government broadcast range (influence)."