Pan-Galactic Society is the final technology available in the Applied Sciences Technology Tree with a monstrous research cost of 1212000 Science. It unlocks an All-Star System Improvement which leads to victory and requires research in Dust Virtualization.

"Virtualized and immortal, the final step in perfecting society is creating a 'living' pan-galactic infrastructure. This permits near-instantaneous communication, tourism, and research across all of explored space; much of this is an extension of the basic principles of Dust found by the Endless. Notions of frontiers, societies, and distance become obsolete constructs of a by-gone era."

Shrine of The EndlessEdit


Scientific Victory.

"At Consciousness Detachment Centers, known as 'uplift factories', the average citizen can have their mind uploaded. For all the mathematical complexity of it, and in spite of the incredibly advanced neuroscience and biology required, the end result seems deceptively ordinary. A few psychoactive drugs, a bit of meditation, and suddenly you are part of the network, a living embodiment of organized energy.

The world, the galaxy, and the universe await you. An equal to the Endless, it is not unlikely that you will meet them, out there, for the science of your faction is almost on par with theirs."


  • The huge research cost can be decreased with the Wired Galaxy, Robust Networking and Infinite Rent All-Star System Improvements, that are unlocked at the end of the other technology trees. Each of them costs 60,000 Science and decreases the Pan-Galactic Society's cost by 363,600 Science.