PEV-Scale Accelerators are a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree. With a research cost of 130 Science, it unlocks one Planetary Exploitation and one Support Module (Engine).

"The construction of a high-energy particle accelerator (with energy measured in peta-electron volts) requires highly advanced engineering, science, materials, and energy supplies. Without this type of machine, explorations deeper into sub-quantum mechanics would not be possible"

Nonbaryonic ColliderEdit

Production Cost
  • +2Science per Population on Planet
  • +2Science per Population on Barren
  • +1Science per Population on Arctic

"Building a very large scale particle accelerator will permit the discovery of the existence and characteristics of WIMPs - Weakly Interacting Massive Particles. This will be critical for the understanding of dark matter, dark energy, and nonbaryonic particles in general."

Lossless Fusion PodsEdit

Production Cost Weight
80Industry 20%Tonnage
  • +5% Evade score on Ship
  • +10 Hull Weakness on Ship
  • +3Move on Ship
  • +1Move on Fleet

"Increased knowledge of particle behavior and containment fields has led to a handful of improvements in energy technology that make starship engines faster and more efficient. Both individual ships and fleets benefit form this advance.


  • Sophons possess this technology at the beginning.