Nonbaryonic Particles is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree. With a research cost of 680 Science, it unlocks a Star System Improvement and Luxury Resources, requires research in Neural Robotics or in Photon Distortion, and allows further research in Rudimentary Telepathics.

"The science of non-baryonic particles studies phenomena such as neutrinos, electrons, and black holes. Increasing mastery of these forces also improves our comprehension of known EMR and magnetic effects."

Magnetic Field GeneratorsEdit

  • +40 Science on Star System
  • +5% Science per Population on Helium
  • +5% Science per Population on Ocean
  • +5% Science per Population on Arctic
  • +5% Science per Population on Barren
  • -3 16px-dust on Improvement

Cost: 220 Industry

'"These create artificial magnetospheres around planets in order to compensate for the lack of a liquid ferrous core. They provide stable environments on planets that would otherwise be bombarded by radiation."



Unlocks the gathering of Eden Incense, Meta-Entactogen, Transvine and Proto-Orchid.

"Beyond the home world of any species lie the infinite reaches of space with their equally infinite diversity of molecules. Whether harmless or lethal, beneficial or inert, the many complex molecular chains of the galaxy create substances of great power--and great value."