Neural Robotics is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree. With a research cost of 130Science, it unlocks one Battle Card and one Support Module (Repair).

"One problem with coordinating robots and having them efficiently function is their 'brains' and the associated networking. Advances in signal technology and computing algorithms now allow us to have vast numbers of robots that communicate and execute functions in seamless coordination."

Weapon DisruptionEdit

Battle Card


  • -25% damage from enemy missiles (block: -15%)

Counters Offense

Intelligent ToolsEdit

Production Cost Weight
120Industry 20%Tonnage
  • +10% Ship repair per battle phase on ship
  • +2% Fleet repair per turn (Friendly Sector) on ship

Requires : Hyperium Hyperium (Strategic resource)

"While miniaturization is not yet where it could be, advances in robotic brains have made in-ship repair systems faster, smarter, more flexible, and better able to exploit a ship's limited resources."


  • Sophons possess this technology at the beginning.