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There are sixteen luxury resources. As opposed to FIDS, luxury resources are not consumed. Luxury resources are found on planets in quantities of 1-3. You can access the luxury resource by having the corresponding technology and colonizing the planet. Luxury resources also boost the FIDS output of the planet depending on the resource. Unless the system is blockaded, the luxury resource (but not its planet effects) is shared with the rest of the empire.

If you have 4 or more of a strategic resource, you have a monopoly. This provides a bonus to the effect.

Luxury resources have more varied effects than strategic resources.

Availability Edit

The number of types of luxury resources in existence depends on the galaxy size and the galaxy resource setting:

Galaxy size Number of types
Low Normal High
Tiny 2 4 6
Small 4 8 12
Medium 6 12 16
Large 8 16 16
Huge 8 16 16

Testing suggests that under most conditions there are always a total 7 of each luxury resource in the galaxy, distributed across 4 planets. A resource monopoly then always corresponds to a majority possession of that resource. The exception is when there are so many strategic resources that they "crowd out" luxury resources. See galaxy generation for details.

Types Edit

The luxury resources are divided into four types.

Vegetables Edit

  • Redsang, Bluecap Mold, Dustwater, Hydromiel.
  • Technically known in Endless Space as "animalia".[1]
  • Unlocked by Xenology. This is a very early tech.
  • Much more likely to be found on Class I and II planets than elsewhere.
  • Planet bonuses tend to be focused on Food.
  • Empire bonuses primarily benefit star systems.

Gems Edit

  • Mercurite, Void Stone, Jadonyx, Ionic Crystals.
  • Technically known as "gems and minerals".
  • Unlocked by Containment Fields.
  • More likely to be found on Class I and II planets than elsewhere.
  • Planet bonuses tend to be focused on Dust.
  • Empire bonuses primarily benefit ships.

Drugs Edit

  • Eden Incense, Meta-Entactogen, Transvine, Proto-Orchid.
  • Technically known as "xeno-pharmaceuticals".
  • Unlocked by Nonbaryonic Particles.
  • Most likely to be found on Class III planets; least likely to be found on Class I and II planets.
  • Planet bonuses tend to be focused on Approval.
  • Empire bonuses primarily benefit ships.

Artifacts Edit

  • Concrete Artifacts, Virtual Artifacts, Preschism Artifacts, Mundane Artifacts.
  • Unlocked by Personal Shielding. This is a much later tech than the rest.
  • Most likely to be found on Class IV planets; least likely to be found on Class I and II planets.
  • Planet bonuses tend to be focused on Science.
  • Empire bonuses primarily benefit star systems.
  1. In real life, the kingdom animalia refers to animals. However, the in-game descriptions make no suggestion that these resources are composed of animals, but rather suggest that these resources may be composed of plants, fungi, various microorganisms, and/or Dust. For this reason, and to give a more colloquially recognizable name, we have chosen to use the term "vegetable" here.

List of resources Edit

Luxury resource Planet bonus Empire bonus
Approval Food Dust Science Each Monopoly (4+) Effect
Redsang +1 +2 +2% +20% Dust on empire
Bluecap Mold +10 +1 +1 +2% +20% Approval on empire
Dustwater +2 +1 +5% +30% hero XP on empire
Hydromiel +3 +2% +20% Food on empire
Mercurite +3 +1 +4% +40% ship HP on empire
Void Stone +10 +3 +2% +20% healing on empire
Jadonyx +20 +2 +4% +40% ship attack on empire
Ionic Crystals +10 +2 +1 +10% +60% ship movement on empire
Eden Incense +20 +2 +4% +40% invasion on empire
Meta-Entactogen +30 +1 +4% +40% ship defense on empire
Transvine +40 +4% +40% ship XP on empire
Proto-Orchid +20 +1 +1 +1% +10% FIDS on empire
Concrete Artifacts +10 +1 +2 +4% +40% trade route bonus on empire
Virtual Artifacts +10 +1 +2 +2% +20% Industry on empire
Pre-schism Artifacts +10 +3 -3% -30% buyout cost on empire
Mundane Artifacts +1 +3 +2% +20% Science on empire

Note : The monopoly bonus stack additively with the bonus for each resource you possess. Capped at 4. For instance acquiring Redsang would give you : +2%(1), +4%(2), +6%(3), +28%(4), +28%(5), +28%(6), +28%(7).

The Trait Ascentism halves this Bonus: +1%(1), +2%(2), +3%(3), +14%(4)

The Trait Lap of Luxury increases this Bonus by 50%: +3%(1), +6%(2), +9%(3), +42%(4)

Basic Resources (FIDS) Food Food - Industry Industry - Dust Dust - Science Science
Strategic Resources Hyperium 7801StrategicResourceHyperium - Titanium-70 7802StrategicResourceTitanium - Anti-Matter 7803StrategicResourceAnti-Matter - Hexaferrum 7804StrategicResourceHexaferrum - Orichalcix 7805StrategicResourceOrichalcedon - Siderite 7806StrategicResourceSiderite - Adamantian 7807StrategicResourceAdamantium - Quadrinix 7808StrategicResourceQuadrinite
Luxury Resources

Vegetables: Redsang 7901LuxuryResourceRedSang - Bluecap Mold 7902LuxuryResourceBluecapMold - Dustwater 7903LuxuryResourceDustwater - Hydromiel 7904LuxuryResourceFruitsofFire
Gems: Mercurite 7905LuxuryResourceMercurite - Void Stone 7906LuxuryResourceVoidStone - Jadonyx 7907LuxuryResourceJadonyx - Ionic Crystals 7908LuxuryResourceIonicCrystals
Drugs: Eden Incense 7909LuxuryResourceEdenIncense - Meta-Entactogen 7910LuxuryResourceMetaEntactogen - Transvine 7911LuxuryResourceTransvine - Proto-Orchid 7912LuxuryResourceProtoOrchid
Artifacts: Concrete Artifacts 7913LuxuryResourceConcreteArtifacts - Virtual Artifacts 7914LuxuryResourceVirtualArtifacts - Pre-schism Artifacts 7915LuxuryResourcePreSchismArtifacts - Mundane Artifacts 7916LuxuryResourceNonPrecursorArtifacts

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