Inorganic Biology is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks a Ship Support Module (Repair) and a Strategic Resource, requires research in Tectonic Engineering, and allows further research in Self Replicating Structures and Quantum Substrates.

"Based on the idea that inorganic matter can also grow and adapt as organic matter does, first strides are made into creating materials that are self-assembling and undergo evolution."


The Sophons refer to this technology as Dark Matter Condensing, and it has the following description: "A curious but not always practical side effect of mastering dark matter is the ability to build objects from it. Certain unusual applications that require stable and inert materials that are unaffected by traditional radiation lend themselves to these unusual compounds." They also receive this technology earlier in their tree, for a cost of only 1800 Science. It requires research in Nonbaryonic Particles or in Extreme Metallurgy and allows further research in Tectonic Engineering. Lastly, the cost for Sophons to build the Adaptive Glue Support Module is only 100 Industry.

Adaptive GlueEdit

  • +180 Ship HP per Battle Phase on ship
  • +60 Fleet HP per Turn (all sectors) on ship
  • +0.1 Module regeneration (inside friendly area) on Fleet

Cost: 200 Industry Weight: 20% Tonnage

Requires : Hyperium Hyperium

"Ship structural technology has advanced to the point where repair materials can be built into the hulls. Partially self-aware and networked, this 'Adaptive Glue' reacts and evolves to repair damage as it happens."



"Nicknamed for the common mineral found in hydrothermal veins, this Siderite is found near veins of extreme dark energy activity. Previously difficult to identify and extract, this ultra-hard substance can now be exploited".