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Industry (Industry) is used in the production of all ships and improvements. These make it vital for developing an empire.

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Industry is a game concept in Endless Space. Each ship and improvement has a cost in Industry to produce. As these objects are selected to be built by a solar system, generated Industry is spent on the objects at the end of the turn. Once the cost is paid, the object begins to function. These costs gradually increase for more advanced objects as the game continues.

Industry is generated by population placed on certain planets, and like other FIDS can be improved by building improvements and exploitation.

Improving industry production is important to develop an empire's capabilities in all fields, as it enables one to build more effective ships and improvements. It is usually the second priority when developing a star system.

In a pinch, it can be converted into Dust or Science. Some Factions can also convert it into Food.



Population in systems generate Industry directly. Methane and Lava planets produce the highest Industry per Population. Of the two, Lava planets have the more effective Industry exploitation.


Some improvements increase the Industry of all population units within a system.


The Labor attribute increases total Industry in a system by 2% per point. Furthermore, Administrator heroes have abilities that increase Industry in a system.



Industry rolls over into the next turn if unused or partially used. The Automatons faction affinity allows the stacking of any unused industry to use on later construction. They may indefinitely store up to 5 turns of their Industry production; additionally receiving 5% interest on any stacked industry per turn.




Industry can be converted to Dust or Science at the rate of 4:1.



Due to the low efficiency, it is usually more effective to produce improvements or ships instead of using a conversion. Cases where conversion may be a good idea include:

  • Industry to Dust conversion may be a better idea than increasing the tax rate if that would cause your approval levels to drop. Try to not rely too much on conversions, though.
  • If you are about to win an economic or scientific victory, conversions may save a little time. Only do this at the end, though--overusing conversions early will hurt your development more than it helps your progress towards your victory.
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