High-Energy Magnetics is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree. With a research cost of 300Science, it unlocks a Star-system Improvement and a Strategic resource.

"Discovery of this technology allows a high level of control of planetary magnetic fields, as well as the creation of satellite-based magnetic field generation systems."



"Improved magnetic field control permits harvesting of the antiparticles that can be captured in specific parts of planetary magnetic fields. These provide an excellent source of renewable energy."

Interplanetary Transport NetworkEdit


Production cost : 220 Industry

  • +3 Industry per Population on Lava
  • +2 Industry per Population on Methane
  • +2 Industry per Population on Asteroïds
  • +1 Industry per Population on Barren
  • +20% Industry on Star System
  • -3 Dust on Improvement

"Due to the interaction of gravitational pulls and magnetic fluxes, low-energy paths exist that speed and simplify travel within a system. By also applying advanced magnetics to transport design, this low-cost network facilitates access to the farthest points of the system's limits."