HE Batteries is a technology on the Galactic Warfare technology tree with a research cost of 30 Science. It unlocks one Beam Weapon Module and one Shield Defense Module and allows further research in Specialized Isotopes.

"One challenge to increased military capability on space vessels is the ability to provide sufficient energy to power advanced weaponry. High-Energy Batteries take advantage of new elements and composites to provide exactly this."



Unlocks a Weapon Module

Effects depending on the chosen specialization:

  • Tonnage: 7-11
  • Military power: 15
  • Damage: 1-20
  • Critic Multiplier: x2
  • Projectiles per Salvo: 3-25
  • Round(s) before Reach: 0-3
  • Round(s) to Reload: 0-3
  • Accuracy: 70-120%

Cost : 4 Industry Weight: 11 Tonnage

"An inevitable first step in developing functional space-borne beam weapons, the good old laser is well-known, reliable, and great in a vacuum."

Reflective IsotopesEdit


25MP Module Defense increases Point Defense Power by 1

  • +1% Ship HP per Battle Phase per Support Module (Repair) on Ship
  • +1% Ship Repair per Battle Phase per Support Module (Repair) on Ship
  • 150 Defense
  • +5% Hull Weakness on Ship
  • 10 Military power

Cost : 4 Industry Weight: 11 Tonnage

"Highly polished advanced alloys are used to deflect and reflect the energies from incoming lasers."


  • Hissho possess this technology at the beginning.