Endless Space Wiki

Basic settings[]


There are seven difficulty settings: Newbie, Easy, Normal, Hard, Serious, Impossible, and Endless.

For the player, difficulty only affects disapproval per population and system.

Difficulty Overpopulation disapproval Expansion disapproval
Newbie x1.0 x4.0
Easy x1.1 x4.5
Normal x1.2 x5.0
Hard x1.3 x5.5
Serious x1.4 x6.0
Impossible x1.5 x6.5
Endless x1.6 x7.0

For the AI, difficulty affects a variety of stats:

Difficulty Overpopulation disapproval Expansion disapproval Approval Improvement upkeep
Buyout cost
Ship/Hero upkeep Industry cost Science cost Healing cost Weapon damage Defense efficency Food, Industry bonus Science bonus
Newbie x1.0 x3.0 +15 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Easy x0.9 x2.8 +20 -15% -10% x0.9 x1.0 x0.9 +10% +5% +5%
Normal x0.8 x2.2 +25 -30% -20% x0.8 x0.95 x0.8 +20% +10% +10% +10%
Hard x0.7 x1.8 +30 -45% -30% x0.7 x0.9 x0.7 +40% +20% +20% +15%
Serious x0.6 x1.4 +35 -60% -40% x0.6 x0.85 x0.6 +60% +35% +30% +20%
Impossible x0.5 x1.0 +40 -80% -50% x0.5 x0.8 x0.4 +80% +50% +40% +25%
Endless x0.4 x0.6 +50 -90% -60% x0.4 x0.75 x0.2 +100% +65% +50% +30%

Game speed[]

Changing the game speed applies a multiplier to all FIDS costs except for hero costs and upkeep.

Game speed Cost multiplier
Slow x1.5
Normal x1
Fast x0.5

Advanced settings[]

Pirate difficulty[]

Pirate strength scales with your research into armaments and defenses. Pirates will almost always provide a credible threat, even if other empires do not.


Main article: Victory

Galaxy generation seed[]

If not zero, this number determines what the galaxy look like, all other settings being equal.