Galactic Trade Center is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 36000 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement and one Empire Improvement, requires research in Perfect Forecasting, and allows further research in Extreme Consumption.

"Creation of a major financial center on any given planet is a major project -- alien habitats, highly advanced communication infrastructures, specialized universities, and the highest quality shopping and dining are among the pre-requisites. To do this on a level that could turn a solar system into a galactic center of finance is a very rare achievement."


  • The Cravers refer to this technology as Distributed Hives, and they receive it earlier in their technology tree, for a cost of only 4000 Science. It requires research in Optimized Logistics, allows no further research, and has the following description: "One of the great risks to Craver society is the lack of cohesion between broods from separate queens. While the ideal (applied universal pheromones) is not yet here, communication systems that transfer chemical signals in addition to information allow distributed fleets and ships to keep a unified purpose."
  • The Harmony do not receive the Revenue Zen Star System Improvement. Also, this technology instead requires research in Directed AI Computing and allows no further research.

Revenue ZenEdit

  • -30% Buyout Bonus on Star System
  • +2 Dust per Population on Planets
  • -11 Dust on improvement

Cost: 6000 Industry

Requires: Hyperium Hyperium, Orichalcix Orichalcix

"In the final analysis, the most valuable substance in the universe is Dust. Once the complexities of pan galactic trade and finance are mastered, the final step in maximizing revenue and value is to exploit the fact that the currency of the known universe is alive and intelligent, and the line between a good or service and its payment is increasingly fluid. Once the fundamental nature of Dust's existence as both currency and good, theory and technology, is mastered, a state of Revenue Zen can be achieved."

C5 SystemsEdit


"Command, Control, Communications, Computing and... C, the speed of light. The final "c" to be integrated into advanced battle systems, the ability to react to masses moving at a measurable percentage of "c" is the final key to handling large fleet maneuvers using advanced technologies."