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FIDS stands for the 4 basic Resources in Endless Space:

  • Dust 1004moneySmall - "currency" used for maintenance and buyout

Each of these four resources is produced by Population units on planets, and each plays a vital role in the development of an empire. For example, technologies enable access to colonization and expansion technologies that enable long-term expansion, while industry allows the production of improvements that increase FIDS production.

Production Edit

Main article: Planet

Most FIDS FIDS are produced on planets. The amount FIDS produced by a planet is at a rate proportional to the Population Population on them. Some System Improvements also produce flat FIDS independent of planets and population. Trade and Heroes also do this.

The rate of FIDS production per Population depends on many factors, including:

See Modifiers for a description of how FIDS are calculated.

Consumption Edit

Conversion Edit

Short-term Edit

  • Excess 1001foodSmall can be converted to 1002industrySmall with the Adaptive Industrial Systems Improvement.
  • 1002industrySmall can be converted directly into 1/4 as much 1004moneySmall or 1003scienceSmall using the 1002industrySmall - 1004moneySmall and 1002industrySmall - 1003scienceSmall conversions, respectively.
  • 1004moneySmall can be used to buyout constructions immediately--effectively an instant boost to 1002industrySmall.
  • Changing the Tax Rate trades off 1004moneySmall with the other 3 basic Resources via 1011approval.

Long-term Edit

  • More 1001foodSmall means more 1006populationUnitSmall, which means more 1025fidsSmall.
  • 1002industrySmall can be used to build Improvements that increase 1025fidsSmall production.
  • 1003scienceSmall can research Technologies to increase 1025fidsSmall production directly or indirectly.

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