Extreme Consumption is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 60000 Science. It unlocks one Scientific Victory Unlock (which reduces the cost of Pan-Galactic Society), requires research in Automated Wealth or in Galactic Trade Center, and allows no further research.

"Given a fixed and guaranteed flow of positive income, elimination of waste, and Dust-enhanced systems to monitor manufacturing and logistics, society's most difficult challenge becomes consumption. Hoarding wealth is inefficient, yet only so many luxuries can be consumed. Decisions, decisions..."


For the Harmony, this technology requires research in Accelerated Evolution.

Infinite RentEdit


"Profit, or "rent" as the economists call it, is generally only available through careful investment and oversight. Once the creation of wealth has become automated, cash will be forever available for consumption or investment -- a useful fact for those pursuing immortality."