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Overview Edit

Diplomatic options Edit

Improvement Effect Research Required Research Cost
Xenolinguistics Unlocks 'Cease Fire' and 'Offer Peace' diplomatic options. Relativistic Economics 130 Science
Alien Security Unlocks 'Open Borders', 'Trade Dust (Flat Fee)', Trade Dust(Per Turn)', 'Trade Technology', 'Trade Star System' and 'Trade Resource' diplomatic options. Relativistic Markets 300 Science
Alien Standards and Systems Unlocks 'Cooperation Agreement', 'Create Alliance' and 'Join Alliance' diplomatic options. Inter-Species HR 4000 Science

Academy and heroes Edit

Command points Edit

Luxury FIDS bonuses Edit

Ship capacity Edit

Improvement Effect Research Required Research Cost
Quantum-Damped Circuits +10%Tonnage on Ships Extreme Metallurgy 680 Science
Lossless Transmission +15%Tonnage on Ships Tectonic Engineering 4000 Science
Quantum Computing +20%Tonnage on Ships Quantum Substrates 14000 Science
Generic Supplies +25%Tonnage on Ships Black Hole Mining 25000 Science
Tetric Storage +30%Tonnage on Ships Quantum Robotics 36000 Science

Movement Edit

Improvement Effect Research Required Research Cost
Advanced Magnetics Drive +2 Move Compact Fusion Reactors 130 Science
Total Hull Integrity Unlocks space travel by wormhole. Applied Casmir Effect 300 Science
Warp Drive Unlocks travel in empty space. +5 16px-warp Atmospheric Filtration 1800 Science
String Gravitics Drive +4 Move Advanced Warp Gravitics 4000 Science
Second Gen. Warp +7 16px-warp Mass Particle Displacement 14000 Science
Wormhole Hyperspace All wormholes you control are linked. Dark Matter Shielding 25000 Science
Advanced Warp Fields +12 16px-warp Complex Regulated Systems 25000 Science
Reckless String Gravitics +6 Move Negative Mass Mechanics 25000 Science

Expansion disapproval reduction Edit

Improvement Effect Research Required Research Cost
Colonization Program -22% expansion disapproval. Applied Casimir Effect 300 Science
Orbital Counseling -22% expansion disapproval. Applied Atmospherics 4000 Science
Virtualized Comms -22% expansion disapproval. Personal Fields 14000 Science
Dark Radiation Towers -22% expansion disapproval. Dark Energy Effects 36000 Science

Faction unique improvements Edit

Faction Improvement Replaces Technology Effect
Amoeba Alien Empathy Alien Psychoanalysis Neural Net Society

+20% allied territory defense on ships
+20% trade routes bonus per alliance on empire

Amoeba Primus Inter Xenos Alien Esteem Perfect Negotiations

+25 Approval per alliance on system
-10 Approval per war on system
+10% Industry per alliance on system
+5% Science per alliance on system

Cravers Efficient Slaves C3 Systems Quantum Swarming

+2 Command Points per new ship class unlocked
+2 Command Points if all ship classes unlocked

Horatio Alien Integration Alien Leadership Perfect Forecasting

+3 extra clones allowed on empire
+3 academy cap on empire
-10 turns before hero arrival on empire

Pilgrims Post-Op Analyticals Post-Op Analyticals Consensus Systems

-10 turns before hero arrival on empire
+30% hero XP on empire

Pilgrims Alien Proselytization Alien Standards and Systems Inter-Species HR

+30% trade route bonuses per alliance
Unlocks Cooperation Agreements, Alliances

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