Dreadnoughts are a late game Ships, unlocked by Non-Baryonic Shielding Technology. However, this is the only ship class that does not possess any bonuses. Dreadnoughts provide twice the HP 1020healthPoints and Tonnage 1009weightSmall for 4x the price of Battleships and Cruisers.

Being the largest ship in the game, the Dreadnought can mount more Weapons, more Support, and more Defense Modules than any other. This becomes useful for its survivability. The high 1009weightSmall Capacity allows it to equip a large number of 1020healthPoints and Defense Modules without sacrificing firepower.


Isolating a Dreadnought with Missiles isn't a good idea. Due to the way targeting functions, all of the Missiles will launch towards a single target. It's a waste of firepower if the AI decides to arbitrarily launch a 40 Missile salvo towards a Destroyer.

Groups of pure Dreadnoughts are extremely vulnerable to packs of smaller ships. Always mix in a few smaller escort ships to draw the fire away from your Dreadnaughts. Battleships and Destroyers excel at this role. Keeping a fleet's Dreadnoughts alive is essential, and avoid sacrificing them needlessly. The 1020healthPoints bonuses Dreadnoughts gain from leveling up are quite powerful. Experienced Dreadnoughts can end up with several times more 1020healthPoints than they started with. These will be extremely difficult for your opponent to kill.


Faction Industry 1002industrySmall (Disharmony) HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 400 (800) 3000 400 Proteus
Automatons 400 (800) 3000 400 Harvester
Cravers 320 (640) 3000 400 Annihilator
Harmony (800) 3000 400 Athenic
Hissho 400 (800) 3000 400 Roc
Horatio 480 (960) 3000 400 Imperator
Pilgrims 400 (800) 3000 320 Paladin
Sheredyn 400 (800) 4200 400 Dreadnought
Sophons 400 (800) 3000 400 Yotta
Sowers 400 (800) 3000 400 Piledriver
United Empire 400 (800) 4200 400 Dreadnought
Vaulters (800) 3000 400 Yldjko

Hull-specifications In DisharmonyEdit

Faction Hull Specifications Construction Effects
Amoeba -30% defense module 1009weightSmall N/A
Automatons  +10% auto-repair per turn when HP under 33% N/A
Cravers N/A +15 approval Approval on star system
Harmony -25% weapon module 1009weightSmall  -50% on population growth on star system
Hissho  -30% fighter module 1009weightSmall
-30% bomber module 1009weightSmall
Horatio N/A +20% Population growth on star system
Pilgrims  -80% support module scout 1009weightSmall
-80% support module engine 1009weightSmall
Sheredyn -50% support module 1009weightSmall N/A
Sophons -25% special module 1009weightSmall on ship -20% science Science on star system
Sowers used 1009weightSmall added to HP on ship N/A
United Empire -30% ship cost on star system N/A
Vaulters -30% ship cost on star system N/A

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