Directed AI Computing is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 25000 Science. It unlocks a Diplomatic Option and one Empire Improvement, requires research in Neural Net Society, and allows further research in Perfect Negotiations.

"Academics came up with a mouthful of words for this simple concept: researchers partnering with an advanced AI to improve their chances of success. These systems use a combination of living intuition, rapid calculation and deduction, Dust-enhanced networks, massively parallel search, and political intuition to maximize the outcome of research dollars invested."


For the Harmony, this technology instead allows further research in Galactic Trade Center.

Alien RelationsEdit


"The most difficult part of dealing with aliens can often be convincing one's own citizens that it is in their best interest to either be in an alliance or be at war. It is a long-term process of education, information, and sometimes a bit of pressure."

C4 SystemsEdit


"To the classic elements of C3 is added Computing; the complex calculations needed to handle weapons and trajectories in four-dimensional warfare is, as they say, a non-trivial task."