Destroyers are the 1st dedicated combat Ship the player will research. Destroyers are unlocked after researching the technology Efficient Shielding. This class receives a 20% discount on Weapons Modules, letting you equip more weapons per Command Point 1019commandPoints than any other class in the game.

The Destroyer is the main Ship of the fleet for its low cost and high damage output status. Small groups of these warships are often enough to wipe out the first player a fleet run into, sometimes even being used en masse in late game. With its bonus to weapon Tonnage 1009weightSmall, the destroyer makes a significantly better attack ship than the Corvette at the same 1019commandPoints cost.


Destroyer packs are extremely useful against small groups of larger ships, especially Dreadnoughts. Ships only engage one target at a time. This means that only a fraction of a Destroyer pack will be targeted by the enemy if a fleet outnumbers them. A player will often be able to beat a small number of Dreadnoughts with a large group of Destroyers, losing only a handful of ships. Outnumbering an opponent with Destroyers will also counter Missile spam, as all Missiles launched by an enemy craft will only target one of a fleet's ships, leaving others intact. (Every Missile fired at a Destroyer, beyond what it took to kill it, is a wasted shot)

Although it can be tempting to fill Destroyers with nothing but weapons, late-game Beams and Kinetics can take out a swath of unarmored craft within the 1st few seconds of an engagement. Because of this, a light coating of Armor is necessary for survival.


Faction Industry 1002industrySmall(Disharmony) HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 25 (40) 450 100 Adenon
Automatons 25 (40) 450 100 Culler
Cravers 20 (32) 450 100 Marauder
Harmony (40) 450 100 Tectonic
Hissho 25 (40) 450 100 Falcon
Horatio 30 (48) 450 100 Coms
Pilgrims 25 (40) 450 80 Vindicator
Sheredyn 25 (40) 630 100 Destroyer
Sophons 25 (40) 630 100 Kilo
Sowers 25 (40) 450 100 Hammer
United Empire 25 (40) 630 100 Destroyer
Vaulters (40) 450 100 Ylona

Hull-specifications in DisharmonyEdit


Hull Specifications

Construction effect
Amoeba -30% flak module 1009weightSmall N/A
Automatons -25% support module repair 1009weightSmall N/A
Cravers -25% fighter module 1009weightSmall N/A
Harmony  -75% fighter module 1009weightSmall
-75% bomber module 1009weightSmall
-50% on population growth on star system
Hissho -20% bomber module 1009weightSmall N/A
Horatio -50% troop module 1009weightSmall N/A
Pilgrims -50% support module scout 1009weightSmall N/A
Sheredyn  -20% fighter module 1009weightSmall
-20% bomber module 1009weightSmall
Sophons +50% 

support module civilian 1009weightSmall

-25% weapon module 1009weightSmall

Sowers -30% support module repair 1009weightSmall N/A
United Empire -5% ship cost on star system N/A
Vaulters -5% ship cost on star system N/A
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