This class is unlocked by default at the beginning of the game. The corvette receives a 25% discount on Sensors, Engines, and Repair Modules. This characteristic lends the corvette to roles as scout or support, although it can easily be used for light attack/interception roles.

The biggest shortcoming of the corvette is that it has much lower weaponry capability than its Destroyer counterpart and has comparatively low tonnage.


As engine and sensor technologies increase in weight (making it less feasible to mount them on combat ships), the corvette becomes necessary as a scout.

Attaching a corvette (with Engine Modules) to larger fleets will directly boost fleet Speed 1012speed . Some players will use fleets of pure corvettes to move around the map extremely quickly, as the engine bonuses stack. This is known as "flocking." It is possible to achieve speeds of 30+ using this strategy.

Alternatively, the repair module bonus can be taken advantage of to provide an early unit able of withstanding enemy attack and charging in at the end with Kinetic weapons.

Early game it can take the role of transport because of the 1 extra 1012speed compared to Transports, however it has not enough Tonnage 1009weightSmall for an engine module. Any Faction with1 Optimal Structure Trait, Corvette can take over the role the transport ship because it has enough 1009weightSmall to equip an engine.



Industry 1002industrySmall(Disharmony)

HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 25 (40) 450 100 Methion
Automatons 25 (40) 450 100 Cutter
Cravers 20 (32) 450 100 Raider
Harmony (40) 450 100 Metamorphic
Hissho 25 (40) 450 100 Hawk
Horatio 30 (48) 450 100 Baro
Pilgrims 25 (40) 450 80 Disciple
Sheredyn 25 (40) 630 100 Corvette
Sophons 25 (40) 450 100 Deka
Sowers 25 (40) 450 100 Surveyor
United Empire 25 (40) 630 100 Corvette
Vaulters (40) 450 100 Anjka

Hull-specifications in DisharmonyEdit

Faction Hull Specifications Constuction Effect
Amoeba -30% shield module 1009weightSmall N/A
Automatons -25% support module engine 1009weightSmall N/A
Cravers -50% support module invasion 1009weightSmall N/A
Harmony -75% support module engine 1009weightSmall -50% on population growth on star system
Hissho -20% fighter module 1009weightSmall N/A
Horatio -30% bomb against pop 1009weightSmall N/A
Pilgrims -30% support module engine 1009weightSmall N/A
Sheredyn -20% weapon module 1009weightSmall N/A
Sophons +50% support module civilian

-25% support module scout 1009weightSmall

Sowers  -30% support module armour 1009weightSmall N/A
United Empire -25% support module 1009weightSmall N/A
Vaulters -25% support module 1009weightSmall N/A
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