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Command points (Command Points, abbreviated to CP or CMD) limit the amount of ships in a fleet. All ships hulls in Endless Space have a Command Point value and your Empire will have a Command Points Cap, defining the maximum number of ships you can form into a fleet.

It is Important to note that the upkeep of your fleets is determined by both the CP value of your ship and the max CP value of your empire. Thus researching CP technologies will cost dust per turn "Ships cost (0.4*max fleetCommand Points) Dust per Command Points per turn to upkeep. Thus a Dreadnought in an empire that has a CP limit of 22 Command Points will require 35 Dust per turn to upkeep."

Most factions start with a Command Point Cap of 5, with the exception of the Cravers and the Automatons, who start with a Command Point Cap of 7 and 3, respectively, due to their factions' traits. All Factions can increase their Command Point Cap through research on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree.

Ship Hulls[]


All Factions have four technologies that increase the Command Points Cap, all on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree. The technologies are identical for the Hissho, Horatio, Sophons and United Empire, however the Cravers' technology tree differs slightly.

Other Factions[]

Cravers get the following alternative technologies:

  • Quantum Swarming - C3 Systems (as above) and additionally Efficient Slaves - another +2 Command Points if all Ship Classes unlocked
  • Distributed Hives - C5 systems - +4 Command Points Cap on Empire

Alpha Notes[]

  • Distributed Hives granting C5 Systems on the Cravers technology tree, was once able to be researched before Directed AI Computing. This was oddly out of sequence, as it was illogical that one would research C4 Systems after C5 Systems have been mastered. Changes to this were effected prior to release of the game.