Botanical Scanning is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 300 Science. It unlocks two Star System Improvements, requires research in Particle Scanning, and allows further research in Planetary Landscaping.

"Being relatively sedentary and slow-growing, plants are easier to scan and analyze than animals. Systems to tag and scan plant life on a large scale aid immeasurably in efforts to detoxify and colonize new planets and systems."


The Harmony do not receive the Infinite Supermarkets Star System Improvement, and this technology requires research in Soil Xenobiology.

Epigenetic Crop SeedingEdit

  • +2 Food per Population on Ocean
  • +2 Food per Population on Jungle
  • +2 Food per Population on Terran
  • +1 Food per Population on Desert
  • +1 Food per Population on Arctic
  • +1 Food per Population on Arid
  • +1 Food per Population on Tundra
  • -3 Dust on improvement

Cost : 220 Industry

"The ability to adapt plant DNA to its environment, and transfer those learned traits to successive generations, creates a boom in healthy, disease-resistant, long-lived crops."

Infinite SupermarketsEdit

  • +25 Approval on Star System
  • -2 Dust on improvement

Cost : 160 Industry

"With vastly improved methods for selecting, growing, and harvesting foods, it is possible to deliver any known dish or ingredient anywhere within a colonized world. Local markets have essentially become infinitely large."