Battleships are unlocked through the Technology Applied Atmospherics. These Ships have a 20% discount to Defense Modules. If you're someone who enjoys warships with impregnable Armor, this class was hand-made for you.

At first glance, the Battleship's role may seem indistinguishable from that of a Cruiser. Cruisers are all-around vessels, doing most things reasonably well. In contrast, the Defense Module bonus of Battleships is best used for stacking huge numbers of Defense Modules. Battleships can be near immune to most weapons if done right. As such, Battleships are best deployed in heavy engagements where you wouldn't normally expect smaller ships to survive. Useful...


Although not as well-rounded as the Cruiser, well-armored Battleships make excellent brawlers. These Ships are effective escorts for Dreadnoughts, and can even stand on their own as the core of your fleets.


Faction Industry 1002industrySmall (Disharmony) HP 1020healthPoints Tonnage 1009weightSmall Name
Amoeba 100 (160) 1200 200 Bacter
Automatons 100 (160) 1200 200 Thresher
Cravers 80 (128) 1200 200 Reaper
Harmony (160) 1200 200 Lithic
Hissho 100 (160) 1200 200 Condor
Horatio 120 (196) 1200 200 Archidux
Pilgrims 100 (160) 1200 160 Valiant
Sheredyn 100 (160) 1680 200 Battleship
Sophons 100 (160) 1200 200 Peta
Sowers 100 (160) 1200 200 Anvil
United Empire 100 (160) 1680 200 Battleship
Vaulters (160) 1200 200 Erszebet

Hull-specifications in DisharmonyEdit

Battleships sport 3 Special-Module-Slots. This means Battleships give more Special slots per Command point than most other Hulls, save the Destroyer.

Faction Hull Specifications Construction Effects
Amoeba -30% point defense module 1009weightSmall N/A
Automatons -25% support module armour 1009weightSmall N/A
Cravers -30% bomber module 1009weightSmall N/A
Harmony -50% support module power 1009weightSmall -50% on population growth on star system
Hissho -30% bomb against buildings 1009weightSmall N/A
Horatio -30% troop module 1009weightSmall N/A
Pilgrims -50% support module scout 1009weightSmall N/A
Sheredyn -30% bomb against buildings 1009weightSmall N/A
Sophons  -25% defense module  1009weightSmall

+50% weapon module 1009weightSmall

Sowers -30%  support module repair 1009weightSmall N/A
United Empire -15% ship cost on star system N/A
Vaulters -15% ship cost on star system N/A
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