Automated Wealth is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 36000 Science. It unlocks one Star System Improvement and one Empire Improvement, requires research in Long-Term Xeno Funds, and allows further research in Extreme Consumption.

"With a large enough portfolio of investments and sufficiently advanced systems, it is possible to guarantee a positive return. Based on computing systems powered largely by Dust, investments are likely to be net positive at least until the heat death of the universe. Beyond that point, contract re-negotiation is likely."


Quantum Info ExchangeEdit

Quantum Info Exchange
  • +1 Blockade Bypass on Star System
  • +35% Trade Routes Bonuses on Star System
  • -11 Dust on improvement

Cost: 4400 Industry

Requires: Orichalcix Orichalcix

"The most valuable commodity in advanced society is information. Ultimately, the value of knowing when, where, and for how much to sell a good or service outweighs the value of the thing itself. With the development of exchanges that pass information at quantum-tunneled speeds, the myth of 'perfect knowledge' in economics has truly become a reality."

Shadow SyndicateEdit

Shadow Syndicate

"Behind closed doors, a super-cartel of price fixing groups is created in order to leverage information, exploitation, and scarcity across all luxury goods. The resulting demand and price control is an efficient money machine."