Advanced Simulations is a technology on the Applied Sciences technology tree with 1800 Science cost. It unlocks a Battle card and a Ship Support Module (Tonnage), needs research in Extreme Metallurgy and allows further research in Atomic Substrates and Tectonic Engineering technologies.

"Ages ago, a third branch of science grew to join theory and experiment -- simulation. Simulation became necessary to predict, plan, and model systems that were too large or complex to experiment upon directly. Now, with greater knowledge and computing power, simulations can be both far more complicated and much more accurate."

Advanced ContainersEdit

Production cost Weight
340 Industry 0 Tonnage
  • +25 Tonnage on Ship

Requires : Hexaferrum Hexaferrum (strategic resource).

"With hexaferrum providing equivalent stability for less volume, improved simulations that better predict the effects of cargo mass and space on FTL ships resulted in the ability to reduce materials, costs, and safety margins in order to increase ship tonnage."

Nano-Repair SystemsEdit


Battle card


  • +10% HP repair (block: +10%) [cannot exceed HP at beginning of the fight]
  • -5% damage weapons (block: +10%)

Counters Sabotage.