Advanced Biologics is a technology on the Diplomacy and Trading technology tree with a research cost of 7500 Science. It unlocks two Star System Improvements, requires research in Inter-Species HR, and allows further research in High-Consumption Society.

"Biologics -- drugs made through a biological process rather than chemical synthesis, a category that includes recombinant proteins, vaccines, and antibodies -- are the fastest-growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry."


  • For the Harmony, this technology requires research in Nanoscale Thermodynamics and allows further research in Accelerated Evolution and Harmonize Planets.
  • The Horatio and United Empire receive this technology earlier in their trees, for a cost of only 1800 Science. It has a prerequisite of Planetary Landscaping and leads to further research in Inter-Species HR. The United Empire refers to this technology as Consumption Psychology, with the following description: "The triggers of consumption are complex things -- from necessities and survival to style and taste. The goal is to find an intimate understanding of how and why every psychological profile in a population chooses to purchase and use every type of good or service."

Wasteless Supply ChainEdit

  • +2 Food per Population on Barren
  • +2 Food per Population on Lava
  • +1 Food per Population on Helium
  • +1 Food per Population on Methane
  • +1 Food per Population on Hydrogen
  • +1 Food per Population on Planets
  • +1 Food per Population on Asteroids
  • -9 Dust on improvement

Cost: 1440 Industry

Requires: Hyperium Hyperium

"Technologies of transport and refrigeration tied to the monitoring of lifestyles and behavioral analytics all come together to ensure that the 30-40% of the food supply that is usually wasted or thrown out becomes available for consumption. An incredibly complex system, it nevertheless creates an enormous boost in food availability."

Duty Free SpaceportsEdit

  • +40% Trade Routes Distance Bonuses on Star System
  • -7 Dust on Improvement

Cost: 1000 Industry

Requires: Orichalcix Orichalcix

"Whether it is a physical reaction or an emotional one, traversing a wormhole or using similar forms of transport tends to be overwhelming for travelers - whether tourism, business, or military. Strategic placement of a network of giant, duty-free spaceport 'starmalls' gives these ever-greater numbers of travelers a place to visit, relax, shop, meet, and blow off steam."