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Adaptive Colonies is a technology on the Exploration and Expansion technology tree with a research cost of 680 Science. It unlocks one Colonization option and one Anomaly Reduction option, requires research in Improved Thermodynamics, and allows further research in Graviton Manipulation.

"Planetary anomalies can be caused by a great number of widely varying problems. As technologies and knowledge of xenobiology improves, a number of palliative mechanisms are developed to allow civilian populations to thrive regardless of local conditions (improved management of habitats and biospheres, cheaper and more reliable energy sources, more pragmatic processes to adapt to alien environments...)."

Moon Survey[]


Cost: 120 Industry

"Survey the moon orbiting this planet. With luck, it is possible to find the remains of Endless observation stations and temples."

Simple Anomaly Reduction[]


Unlocks Anomaly Auto-Reduction

  • Ice 10
  • Shattered Crust
  • Permanent Monsoon
  • Aurora Waves
  • Metallic Ground
  • Psychoactive Air
  • Geothermic Activity
  • Hostile Fauna
  • Swamp World
  • Seismic Activity
  • Long Season
  • Meteor Strikes
  • Hellgourds
  • Hostile Dust

"There are a number of well-understood tasks that can be done to remove planetary anomalies. Filtering the atmosphere, removing poisons from soil, and stabilizing the magnetic field are all based on familiar, if expensive, processes."